The collage of artists chosen for our gala’s festivities is truly dynamic. They will breathe inspiration into the evening with limitless visual brilliance. Whether it is pop art, exquisite glass pieces or classic silhouettes, these artists put a lot of heart into their art. 


Robert Cornman is an artist in the St. Louis area, but his paintings can be found all across the United States in various galleries and private collections.  Robert's work reflects a unique vision of movement and energy using acrylics on canvas and utilizing a technique of fusing colors to form different hues to produce a peaceful nature. 

Although Scott Rose had intentions of becoming an industrial designer, his passion for teaching led him to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Education with a focus in painting from Bowling Green State University. While working as a full-time art teacher, Scott has continued to work in his home studio as an oil painter. The subject matter of Scott’s work is built on nostalgia for a lost industrial period, with a focus on the architecture and infrastructure that the Rust Belt of America thrived upon for decades. Scott’s art has been exhibited in many galleries in Ohio and Indiana, as well as various restaurants and businesses in the Lima area. 


Erica Ott is an award-winning and published full-time artist living the good life in Columbus, Ohio. She grew up in the small town of Defiance, Ohio, and has always had an interest in art. After getting her Master’s in Higher Education and working at the Columbus College of Art & Design for four years, she decided to pursue art as a full-time career. Erica always found herself enjoying the process of creating art more than the content and often felt marginalized because many artists seemed to be creating work that evoked emotion and a certain message. As Erica grew more confident in her art work, she realized she did not need profoundly significant themes in her work to be a successful artist. In fact, her viewers are more connected to her art through an appreciation of her attention to detail. 



Jodi S. Hassan is an artist, photographer and event enthusiast with an unparalleled passion for all things creative. Her artwork, inspired by her love of agriculture and nature, is nationally collected. Jodi's work focuses on the American family farm and the wonders of nature, something she takes great pride in as she is the sixth generation on her family's farm where conservation practices are a priority. Jodi attended the Columbus College of Art and Design and is a 1993 graduate of Ohio Northern University. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Art and Graphic Design and a concentration in photography. Along with creating art, Jodi also loves to train and work with her St. Bernard puppy on the family farm. 



JJ Johnson is an artist and designer from Lima, Ohio, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Advertising and Graphic Design from the Columbus College of Art & Design. He has been with Lima Memorial Health System as a Graphic Designer & Webmaster since 2011. He rebranded the organization in 2012, producing the new logo that is used today. Along with his work at Lima Memorial, JJ also represents the arts as a board member of the Lima/Allen County Convention and Visitors Bureau. JJ enjoys traveling and often visits Key West, Florida, with his family to enjoy the beautiful, tropic scenery you see in this collection.


Brittni Hall explores mixing and combing colors in her paintings and designs. Her creativity reaches beyond painting and design and into the realm of woodworking where she creates tables and shelves using galvanized piping. Brittni was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and now resides in Grandview. 

Jenny Hanf is a native of Findlay, Ohio, and is the illustrator of Mazza from A to Z and several other books. She is a graduate of the University of Findlay with a Bachelor of Arts in Children’s Book Illustration and wants to draw forever!



Lindsay Boyd is graphic designer in Central Ohio, but her graphic design background has prepared her well for all areas in the fine arts. She loves to illustrate, paint with watercolor and pencil sketch. Lindsay is always focused on the details of her work, especially with her Ohio State slab designs. 


As a young man, Christopher Dotson's interest in the arts first came through music. Being a musician began to help him discover how commitment and imagination provide happiness not only for himself, but also the people around him. This passion led Chris to try many different hobbies throughout his life, which eventually led him to metal work. Born and raised in Allen County, Ohio, Chris attended Allen East Schools and The Ohio State University at Lima before joining the local work force. Chris is the owner of Dotson Metal Worx in Harrod, Ohio, a business with a vision to create handmade metal art and conversation pieces that can be enjoyed by everyone.



Vincent Whitehead's life has been influenced by many significant things over the years, the first being his fundamental belief in God and his rural family upbringing. These basic values have guided Vincent and given him a love for nature, history and his creative lifestyle. Vincent has always loved to draw, paint and take photographs, but it was in 1996 when he discovered these were more than just hobbies. He began to seriously consider the world around him and direct his God-given talent toward perfecting a personal style to render the scenes he loves. It is the perfecting process that has given Vince feelings of accomplishment and a great respect for God’s creation. 


After 16 years as a graphic designer, Holly Romano decided to step away from her computer and pick up a pencil and paint brush. To Holly, it feels great to rely on her hands instead of technology. Inspired by a love of vintage décor and minimalist art, Holly employs a simplistic drawing style, vivid colors and golden accents to create her art. Holly also owns Gertie Dae Studios, a creative space named after her inspiring and supportive grandmother. Holly’s grandmother volunteered many hours to local hospitals and was a cherished individual in the community. Because of this, Holly donates 15% of her profits annually to local charities.


Chris Rogers is a mixed media artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan. His work has been exhibited in Michigan, Ohio and Illinois. He has always been drawn to beautiful, bold graphics, combined with a subtle, aged feel. Overall, the colors and textures within each piece tell its own story of a journey well-traveled.


As a painter, Sally Windle is often asked about what she paints. Her response is simple – anything that slows her down and causes her to look. Really look. She paints to capture an essence – a feeling that describes an inner desire that cannot be verbalized. Sally’s work has been featured in the “Edges and Curves” national exhibit in Los Angeles and in multiple ArtSpace/Lima exhibits. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education from the University of Dayton and spent time in London, Moscow and St. Petersburg for Michigan State University’s Overseas Art Studies. The Historical Landmarks watercolors were an honor for Sally to paint. The train station, captured in its original essence, allowed her to get in touch with her Lima roots.


Joshua Solomon is an award-winning glass artist. He was born in Oceanside, New York, and captures the dynamic nature of glass as an elemental medium. It was in Santa Barbara, California, where a serendipitous encounter with a gypsy sparked his interest in glassblowing.


Donna McCarty-Estep is a mixed-media and pop artist from Columbus, Ohio. She works in acrylics and other process oriented mixed media. As a child of the 80s, Donna's nostalgia drives her creativity. Inspired by popular culture, she pulls inspiration from movies and literature to create portraits that evoke those same feelings in others. 


Kory Hubbell is a naturally gifted illustrator and designer. Drawing since he was old enough to pick up a pencil, Kory has spent his lifetime creating—honing his skills of observation and perception, and translating those observations to paper or screen. Kory is a scholarship recipient and a graduate of one of the most prestigious art colleges in the US—Columbus College of Art and Design. He received a BFA in illustration, and also minored in writing. With his freelance business, HubbellArts, Kory has had the opportunity to work on some very exciting and high-profile projects for well-known clients, including Coca-Cola, Hasbro, Mattel, Nickelodeon, Precious Moments, Simon & Schuster, Spin Master and many more. Kory has even had a hand in designing product packaging for Hot Wheels toys and creating children’s books featuring well-known characters like SpongeBob SquarePants, The Backyardigans, and The Incredible Hulk. 


Alisha Mack is proud to have been born at Lima Memorial Health System and currently works as an x-ray technician for Lima Memorial. Alongside her healthcare career and being a mother of four children, she also pursues her creative side. Alisha’s string art allows her to create unique pieces for people, as well as teach string art classes and connect with individuals from all over. 


Kelly Massillo is a local artist who uses a variety of media in her work, such as acrylics, pastels, colored pencils and graphite. Her work is largely representational, consisting of subject matter like the human face and figure, images from her travels, animals and anything else she finds visually appealing. Kelly spent thirty years teaching art in local schools and continues to teach an occasional class or workshop in her recent retirement. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Bowling Green State University and a Master of Arts in Education from Bluffton University. In addition to her art work, Kelly also paints and repurposes antique and vintage furniture. 



Proud of his local roots, artist Chad Hughes extends his creativity to many areas of the community. He graduated in 2010 from the Columbus College of Art and Design and has appeared on Extreme Home Makeover. Along with working as a graphic designer and event planner for Lima Memorial Health System, Chad owns and operates Lifebulb Design, a photography and design business. Planning events and spaces is his passion. Many of his projects include fairs, festivals, fashion shows and the annual Journey event. When it comes to art and design, Chad believes it should be something that is fun and inspiring.